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When I first met my wife, I was attracted to her.  She has always
had a beautiful smile and inner beauty that I could not resist.  She
stood apart from others.  You might laugh, but I walked around
with her picture in my hand for weeks.  I could not help but want
to gaze at her beautiful face.

Now, compare that scenario to what the Bible says about Jesus:
"He has no stately form or majesty that we should look upon
Him, nor appearance that we should be attracted to Him."  
(Isaiah 53:3)  In fact, some in his hometown said, "Is not this the
carpenter's son?  Is not His mother called Mary, and His
brother, James and Joseph and Simon and Judas?  And His
sisters, are they not all with us?" (Matthew 13:55,56)  The Bible
goes on to say that "they took offense at Him". (Matthew 13:57)

Jesus did not "wow" anyone with his looks.  He didn't have an
image consultant.  What did impress people was the wisdom and
love that our Saviour showed, which attracted people from all
walks of life.  As his followers, we should turn our backs on trying
to impress with our talent, image, or cleverness.  Instead, it
should be Jesus in us that attracts people.

Have you heard someone say that the music or preaching or
programs attract people to church?  Where is Jesus in that
philosophy?  No matter what we do, we must first do it with
humility and, secondly, with the focus on God.  He must increase
and we must decrease (John 3:30)  Lives are only changed by the
influence of God.  Therefore, we make it our purpose to unveil
every aspect of his beautiful character.

"How great is our God?  Sing with me.  How great is our God?"
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