Worship as a

The final few verses of the gospel of Luke are exciting to
read!  Jesus rose from the dead, presented himself to his
disciples, and then led them out of Jerusalem to Bethany
where he BLESSED THEM.  Today, as his followers, we have
experienced a similar journey.  Jesus has taken us on a path
of joy!  Just to walk with Jesus gives us inexpressible joy!  He
is alive!  He has conquered sin, death, and hell!  He is who he
said he was!  All power is in his hands and great days are

Can you imagine the Risen King,
God the Creator, lifting his
hands up to bless the disciples?  This was not just a nice little
act.  It was deity imparting great joy upon man.  Blessing is an
action that brings joy to the recipient.

As the song goes, "Oh I feel like dancing"!

What was the response of the disciples as Jesus ascended into
heaven?  They worshiped!  That's right!  Jesus had instructed
them to return to Jerusalem, where they would be indued with
the power to be witnesses in this world for him.  This they
eventually did, but first Jesus led them to Bethany to be
blessed.  Jesus has never done anything meaningless.  He
knew this was important for them to experience.  They needed
time to worship Him, to adore Him, to "love on Him".  And I
believe that that worship continued as they gathered together,
waiting for the outpouring of the Spirit.  Luke 24:52 says that
they worshiped and returned to Jerusalem with great joy.  
Worship was the precursor for all the blessings they poured
out on others in Christ's name.

What significance does this have for us today?  Maybe we are
apprehensive about God's call of service on our lives.  Maybe
we have become "weary in well-doing".  If so, it is time to go
back into the presence of God for a while until we are truly full
of the joy that those disciples felt at the blessings of Christ.      
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