Worship as a

After congregations sing their worship, a pastor usually comes to a
mic to encourage the continuance of verbal worship and to lead the
congregation in prayer. One Sunday, Pastor Paul Lim from Singapore
came to the mic and shouted with great passion, “DON'T STOP,
DON'T STOP”. It was electrifying.

That timeless message needs to be heard in the ears of all people.
“Don't stop, don't stop”.  Jesus Christ is worthy of continued worship.

Don't stop when the bank account is drained. Don't stop when you are
sick. Don't stop if trouble comes your way. Jesus has not changed and
is worthy of ALL worship at ALL times.

Worship has to do with
who God is and not how we are doing. Our
focus is on just who he is and that is why we worship even when things
look dark. Others are amazed when they see a believer worshiping no
matter what the situation.

The reality is that all troubles are temporary but Jesus Christ has, is,
and will always be the great and wonderful God. (Hebrews 13:8)

An incredible scene is written for us in Revelation 11.
John saw an
angel shouting, “the Kingdom of the world has become the kingdom
of our Lord and of His Christ and He will reign forever and ever.”
(Revelation 11:15)

John goes on to say that the twenty-four elders who sit on thrones in
the presence of God fell on their faces and worshiped God. The
greatness of just who God is caused these esteemed people to worship
saying, “we give You thanks, O Lord God, the Almighty, who are and
who were because You have taken Your great power and have begun
to reign”. (Revelation 11:17)

Life can be
distracting especially when problems loom large but let me
encourage all of us to worship irregardless.

A friend of mine was dying of Lou Gehrig's disease. Hours before he
was to pass into the presence of God he wrote, ALS means, “Almighty
Loving Saviour”. He was so excited to worship before his Saviour. As
it turns out, God healed him and he is still alive (miraculously) at the
time of publishing.

In an email, Herb told me the following:

“Am I mad at God? Why should I even be mad at him? Look how
much He has given me purpose and the means to fulfil his will. I have
travelled the world, sharing his love and message. I have met so many
amazing people and made so many friends. He has given me
Christine, and three healthy children, and one wonderful
granddaughter. Our needs have always been met. God has provided
hard times for me to grow. He has proven his love to me over and
over again.

"God has also given me time to prepare for death. "Death"... ha...
like it is something bad. Better yet... God has given me time for a new
phase of my life; a commencement... a new beginning! It is a
graduation, a celebration of the purpose of the resurrection. The
passing from this earth to Heaven; it is our destiny, it is our
See you there! I don't know how much time I have left on this earth,
but I will continually
praise Him, for He is good!”

Herb knew that God was still the same and was worthy of worship
even though his body had broken down.

No matter what, DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP worshiping God, the
Creator and Saviour of the world.
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