Focus on God

When rough times come, we desire to be heard.  
Unfortunately, friends and family may offer potential
answers without really hearing us.  Being heard is as
much an answer to a problem as a plan is.  The beauty
of God is reflected in his ability to hear us with his
undivided attention.

God is all-knowing.  Nothing is hidden from him.  Every
tiny detail about you and I is known by God.  The
Psalmist said, "You know it all".  (Psalm 139:4)  And
yet God does not act like a "know-it-all".  He does not
offer solutions without hearing us completely.  In fact, at
times it may appear that God is not acting on our behalf
when, in reality, he understands that, initially, we need
someone to listen to how we feel.  I know this from

There have been times when my son has told me about
a problem he was experiencing.  Too often I made the
mistake of giving him ideas before really hearing him
out.  Even though I may give a solution that might work,
he has seemed inconsolable.  Perhaps what he really
needed first was an ear to hear him.  Oh I heard words,
but missed how he was feeling.

Isn't God so wonderful?  Not only does he have
answers, he has a listening ear to hear our hearts' cry.

King David wrote a beautiful song that we find in 2
Samuel 22.  He said, "I will call upon the Lord who is
worthy to be praise".  (2 Samuel 22:4)  He went on to
say, "in my distress I called upon the Lord, Yes I cried
to my God; and from His temple he heard my voice and
my cry for help came into His ear".  (2 Samuel 22:7)

Imagine!  God, the creator who sees and knows all,
actually listens.  He could speak, and he does, but first
he listens.  What wonderful grace and
love he has for all
of us.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who is
just waiting to speak?  They are waiting for you to stop
talking so they can offer their perspective.  God, whose
wisdom makes the total wisdom of man look ridiculous,
is not like that.  He is patiently listening to each one
who will cry out to him.  David knew this truth.  It
caused him to conclude, "I will give thanks to You, O
Lord, among the nations, and I will sing praises to Your
name." (2 Samuel 22:50)

In the midst of any and all issues of life, we can cry out
to someone who listens to us and, like David, we will
joyfully worship the God who hears us!
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