Focus on God

Feeding the hungry has always been a priority.  Without
sustenance, man perishes.  All seek food.  The thief, the
righteous, the infant, the politician, every man and
every woman, need and look for food.  In the Book on
belief, the Gospel of John, Jesus fed 5000. (John 6)  He
did it miraculously.  He had no barns or teams of
workers to distribute napkins, drinks, and lunches.  In
his power to do what man cannot do, he made five
loaves and two fishes satisfy the crowd.

Later on in the same chapter, Jesus contrasted the
bread that only lasts for a little while with the bread that
lasts forever.  Jesus said that the bread that is from
heaven gives life to the world.

What did Jesus say was this wonderful life-giving food?  
He said it was none other than himself.  "I am the bread
of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger'. (John 6:35)

In case anyone was confused, Jesus made it clear that
he was speaking of himself by twice saying that he is
the bread of life.  (John 6:41,48)  It is not just his
wonderful words.  It is  not just his tender actions of
love.  He made it clear that His very Person is what
sustains the life of man.

Also, in the same chapter, he said something that
caused some of his disciples to turn away from him.  In
fact, even today his words are a problem for many.  
Jesus said, "He who eats My flesh and drinks My
blood has eternal life". (John 6:53)  Was he calling for
cannibalism?  Of course not.  We are to take him into
our lives, not as a morsel of food, but as the essence of
life.  This is done by placing faith in God's ability and
love as well as turning away from fear and
self-protection.  Jesus told the crowd in John 6 not to
waste time working so hard for that which is only
temporary but, rather, to pursue the food that will settle
the famished soul.

Belief that he is God incarnate is our soul's way of
eating, and that continues beyond the point of salvation.

Man can be easily fooled into believing that the
temporary things will satisfy the internal hunger. Only
belief in the finished work of Jesus and his constant
presence in our lives can give everlasting life.  When he
gave himself as a sacrifice for all of humanity, he  
became the manna sent from heaven that feeds more
than 5000.
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