Focus on God

There is a striking contrast between the Creator and
the created gods of men.  The one and only living God is
relational.  Idols that men set up to be worshiped are
not relational.

This is even more remarkable because people of great
power and authority are usually the least approachable,
whereas God, who is above everything, longs for us to
reach out for him.  He wants all of his creation to be in
relationship with him.  How marvelous is that!

Let's take it one step further:  If it wasn't for his
initiation and pursuit of us, we wouldn't even pay any
attention to him and could never know him.

God made us, not only to want and need relationship
with other human beings, but with the capacity to know
him.  Imagine!  God wants relationship with you and
with me.  Amazing!  God has no needs.  He is
self-sustaining, and could have anything he wants.  Yet,
as unfathomable as this is, he wants to know us.

This relationship with God is not a casual one either.  
He knows all about us.  He knows every cell of our
bodies.  He knows our thoughts and what we will say
before we even say it (Psalm 139:4)  By his great and
loving power, he holds us together (Colossians 1:17;
Hebrews 1:3)  He knows us by name!  That's right!  He
knows all who live or who have ever lived by name!

The million dollar question that every human being must
be asked is "Do you know the one and only God of
Creation?"  Relationship with God is the most
important part of life.  In fact, it is so important that
God became angry with King Solomon "because his
heart was turned away from the Lord".  God had
revealed himself twice to Solomon
(1 Kings 11:9)  But scripture makes it clear that
Solomon still went after other gods (1 Kings 11:10)

Even Adam and Eve missed the point.  Certainly, they
were complete and intact human beings, made in their
Creator's image, but they failed to run to him in the time
of their temptation and lost out on relationship.  Sadly,
all of us have done the same thing (Isaiah 53:5)

There will be a reckoning day for our rejection of him,
but, in the meantime, he reaches out with great
love and
mind-boggling patience (John 3:16-18)

At one time in his life, the wise man, Solomon, wrote,
"Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who alone
works wonders.  And blessed be his glorious name
forever and may the whole earth be filled with his glory"
(Psalm 72:18)  Solomon knew
who God is.  He also said,
"he will deliver the needy", "he will have compassion
on the poor" and "he will rescue their life".  His
downfall came when "his heart was not wholly devoted
to the Lord his God"
(1 Kings 11:4)

Relationship with God is not casual, but complete
devotion.  And isn't that just a reflection of his image?  
He is completely devoted to us, his creation!
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