Focus On God

When you think of someone who is an encourager, who
is better than God? To sinners, to his disciples, or to
anyone, Jesus gave

The root word for "encourage" is "courage".  To
encourage someone is to give that person a level of
hope that will give them the courage to face whatever is
before them. Jesus gives us hope like no else can! The
reason is that he knows our days! He wants us to know
that we "can"! The enemy, the flesh, and this world,
would tell you that you "can't make it". "It's too tough."

Let me ask you a question. What is too tough for God?
If you and I are hidden in Jesus, there is nothing you
cannot do! He gives you the "dunamis" : the power -  to
face anything!

The Lord said to his disciples, "do not let your heart be
troubled" (John 14:1). Jesus said this right after telling
Peter that he would deny him. Wow! Doesn't that
encourage you? Jesus wanted his disciples to know that
even though there would be difficulties to face, they
were to choose to be hopeful. Why? The verse goes on
to say, "believe in God, believe also in me".

Celebrate the God who is with you! Keep your eyes on
the one who will encourage you in all that happens.  You
can make it with Jesus, the great Encourager of your
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