Focus on God

I'm sure you know the verse, "you are my friends if you
do whatever I command you" (John 15:14). In this
passage, there is certainly a condition to Jesus calling
us "Friends", but we are short-sighted if we focus on
"our" side of the agreement and don't revel in the ways
Jesus expresses His friendship to us.

Let's look at how Jesus is our friend as we partner with

In Luke 7:34, Jesus quoted the Pharisees. They said
that Jesus was a "friend of sinners!".   Wow! Isn't that
great! I can tell you that I'm glad that Jesus saw me,
loved me and wanted to be my friend! Usually, when you
look for a friend, you look for the best in someone, but
Jesus loved us in spite of what and who we were.

I have many friends around the world. I treasure them
all. Jesus treasures us as his friends! The Bible tells us
that he prays for us, he's preparing a place for us and,
not only that, he walks with us! I miss my friends but my
greatest friend is with me always!

Friendship is one thing that we guard because it means
that someone really does care about us! Jesus guards
our friendship and so should we!

Keep your eyes on your friend, Jesus Christ! Meditate
on him and talk to him as you would any other friend.
Remember, he is your best friend! No one can compare
to him!         
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