Focus on God

The middle chapter of the Bible, Psalm 118, is a great
expression of joy.  As you read it, can't you just sense
the psalmist bubbling and gushing?  "
Give thanks to the
Lord, for He is good", he says.  And, "Oh let Israel
say."  He couldn't help but say something equal to our
expression of "whoa" or "wow"!

Joy will do that to you.

The Psalmist goes on to say, "his loving kindness is
everlasting" and "the Lord is for me; I will  not fear".  
You and I can say the same.  God's lovingkindness is
everlasting and he is for us!  In light of who God is, fear
need not be a part of our thinking!

The thing we must see in
scripture is the character of
God.  God is not selective in love and kindness.  
Because he is
love, he is kindness.

We cannot comprehend the greatness of God.  But,
what we can know of him is so wonderful that it brings
joy.  The reason the Psalmist could say, "in thy
presence is fullness of joy" (Psalm 16:11) is that the
magnificence of
who God is creates real joy.  The good
news is that everyone can know this joy, not because of
what we do but because of who God is.

Want joy?  Live your life
in the presence of God
because God is so wonderful.  It would be silly to
command someone to be joyful.  So, instead, I want to
invite you to a place where you will experience great
joy.  That is walking with the Creator of all that is.

Better than looking for the next thing that can give
temporary stimulation, let's pursue with passion
Almighty God.  He is forever the same.  He has always
been and will forever be good.  He even calls us to have
a deep meaningful relationship with himself.  There is
fleeting pleasure in things but they are only temporary
and cannot compare to the magnitude of joy when the
creature is friends with its Creator.

Imagine the incredible joy you and I will have learning
about experiencing friendship with God who created a
billion times a billion worlds.  Who know what he is up
to even now?

Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you"
(John 14:2b).  Can you imagine the Creator still
continues to create, just for you and me, His children.  
He is truly beyond all words.  He is truly the God who is
our joy!

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