Focus On God

When you think of a master, what is the first thing
that enters your mind?

Could it be visions of slave traders beating
defenseless servants?  Is your perception based on
the actions of men toward other men?

Unfortunately, if that is the case, you might have a
misconception of God as a master.

Remember God is not an abuser of man but the
lover of all who have lived or will ever live! The
Bible tells us that sin and death are "masters” of
huge proportion, but Jesus has redeemed us!
Imagine! People serve the masters of sin and
death. It's not exactly a promising thing when you
are serving destruction!

Thankfully we have made the choice to change

Think about the master we now serve:
- He is the one who washes feet!
- He is the one who touches and heals the leper!
- He is the one who has made many promises
that he will keep!

Romans 6:22 says, "but now having been freed
from sin and enslaved to God, you derive your
benefit, resulting in sanctification, and the outcome,
eternal life".

Let's see; on one hand is death and on the other
hand is eternal life.

Remember: He is Master over all of creation, with
one exception: The heart of man.

His authority and power is offered to all - not with a
whip but with
love!  I don't know about you, but I
choose to make Jesus Christ my master!  
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