Focus on God

The writer of the Hebrews concluded the letter with a
prayer which began with the phrase,

"Now the God of peace, who brought up from the dead
the great
Shepherd of the sheep through the blood of
the eternal covenant, even Jesus our Lord..."

We know, therefore, who this "God of peace" is.  Our
eternal heavenly Father.  His power is greater than
death itself!

This God is able to bring peace to any situation we face.
 In fact, it is our contention that, more often than not, he
has given us peace without our awareness or knowledge.

Through the Great Shepherd of the sheep, our God has
promised to keep us in perfect peace.  There is only one
 condition to this promise.  God's people must keep their
focused on him (Isaiah 26:3)

The absence of problems does not equal peace.  Many
struggle with inner turmoil.  You may have often heard
"the battle ground is in the mind".  Temptation and
trials are fought with the mind.  The believer has peace
when his mind is kept on the Lord minute by minute and
day by day.  It is then that God, who is our peace, fills
our life, rather than circumstances around us.

Someone wisely said "You are the architect of your day.
 So, have a good day, unless you have other plans."

The formula is simple:  To keep our minds on God.  The
choice is ours.  A life of turmoil or a life of peace.  
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