Focus on God

Receiving a reward is wonderful.  It is a recognition of
something attained or accomplished.  What is even
more significant is the source of the reward.  To receive
a reward from the Queen of England is greater than
winning a Carnival game.  It is an honour to be invited
to receive from someone of great stature.

Can you imagine what it is like to receive a reward from
the Creator of all things!  That is precisely what
happens for those who seek him.  Hebrews 11:6 tells us
that just to seek God results in a reward from God

Seeking God must be a very special task for God to
present a reward.

In Hebrews 11, we read about the heroes of faith.  
These "spiritual giants" placed their faith in the One
who transcends every situation.  No matter what
happened, they were looking for the One who is above
all.  Some may be tempted to seek God because of
some type of trophy.  In doing so, they would be
short-sighted.  No matter how great the reward given,
nothing can compare to God himself.  He is the One who
spoke a billion times a billion worlds into existence,
knows the thought of all six billion plus inhabitants of
the earth, and is not subject to time or space.  Seek
God?  We would be foolish not to seek him.

God said to Abraham that he (God) was his (Abraham's)
reward.  (Genesis 15:1)  Surely Abraham could have
considered becoming the father of many nations a prize
but God said otherwise.

Who needs rewards when you have God?  A trophy
vaporizes like steam when compared to God himself.

So, God is the rewarder but he is also the reward for
those who seek him.  The way we seek him is through
faith and belief "That he is" - in all areas of life.  The
question we ask is "Where is God"?  Hebrews 11 says
that Abraham looked for God when asked to sacrifice
Isaac and found a God who was "able to raise people
even from the dead".  (Hebrews 11:19)

When reading and
studying scripture, we also seek God
by looking for him on every page.  "What does
scripture say about God?" is the most valuable question
every time we pick up the Bible.

Have you looked at the vastness of the sky above?  
Worship pours out from God's creation.  This is seeking
God through the created.  Sometimes I will notice
brilliant colours and begin to worship God for what he
created.  When blessings surprise us, we worship the
God of all
love.  And, in difficult times, just like those in
Hebrews 11, we worship God in faith. In these ways, we
recognize God.  This is seeking him in all areas of life.

I don't know about you, but my joy is seeking God, both
my rewarder and my reward.  Any other prize is bonus.
                                            We appreciate your