Focus on God

My mentor, Dr. George Westlake, has often preached from
Psalm 91.  It was and continues to be one of my favourite
passages of scripture.  It was moving to hear him quote this
beautiful passage while choking back tears.  Tears?  Yes,
tears!  He saw the wonder of God's
love in this chapter:

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High".  If one
could feast on the
word of God, these ten words could feed us
for a long, long time!

"He". God!  We are not talking about a man or woman who
can fail.  God is the one whom we adore and magnify
because "he is"!  God said to Moses, "I am".  (Exodus 3:14)  
Our first thought should always and forever be "God"!  
There is no other.  Perfect in love, perfect in grace, perfect
in mercy.

"Who Dwells".  Living in a home is only part of the story.  
Only a portion of my life is spent there.  A dwelling is more
than four walls.  I have known some who dwell in bitterness
and fear.  I have also known people who live in the freedom
of joy and peace that springs from a sweet relationship with
God.  "Home is where your heart is", is a true statement.  
The troubling thing is that some may choose to let their
heart dwell in places God has never intended for them.

"In the Shelter".  Have you ever wondered what the shelter
of God is?  Isn't it great to be in a shelter when the rains
come or when winds kick up?  Not only do we need shelter
for our bodies, we also need shelter for our inner man.  This
world of hatred and disconnection swirls around
indiscriminantly.  The soul of man needs a shelter from
what can wound and ultimately destroy.

"Of the most High".  The good news is that God is above all.
 By saying this, it is not inferred that God is afar off.  He is
the Most High, meaning nothing, but  nothing,  supersedes
his authority and
power.  He is supremely the great and
mighty ruler over all things.  Read the book of Job, look at
the blue sky, and think about how your next breath is given
by God Almighty.  This is no over-statement!  Colossians
1:17 says, "He is before all things, and in him all things hold
together".  To the believer, there is no fear because God is
the Most High.  He is not intimidated or surprised by

In the midst of what happens to us and what we do, we have
a shelter from everything.  When temptations come, we
have a shelter.  When attack comes, we have a shelter.  
When disappointment comes, we have a  shelter.  We also
have a shelter in good times.

Earlier I asked, "what is the shelter of God?".  Psalm 91:2
tells us that God himself is our shelter.  With this joyful
thought, let's dwell, live,  walk, and exist in a 24/7 love
relationship with the Almighty, who is our shelter.
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