Focus on God

In John 16, Jesus was preparing his disciples for the
horrible events of the crucifixion.  The disciples were
filled with sorrow (v 6) because of what Jesus was telling
them.   They really believed he was the promised
Messiah who would deliver Israel, and bring a new
order to their lives.  How could he be the Messiah, the
God-Man, if he was to be murdered?  With comforting
words, Jesus told them that they would not be left
orphans but that the Holy Spirit of God would come to
be with them.  This wonderful third person of the trinity
would comfort, guide, and teach.

The Holy Spirit is the great teacher.  He is the One who
shows our spirits what is of God and what is not.  His
knowledge is perfect, his
love and care for the people of
God is perfect because he seeks to glorify Jesus (v 14).

Most of us have been in school institutions, all human
beings are in "the school of life", but believers have the
unique honour of being in the School of The Spirit.  Only
one person has complete and perfect knowledge and
that is God.  In fact, he is "a God of Knowledges"
according to the original Hebrew of  1 Samuel 2:3.  This
fact alone gives us confidence in what the Holy Spirit of
God will tell us.  He is a trustworthy teacher.

He has no agenda but complete truth.  Sometimes the
truth of what he teaches us is about our need for
forgiveness.  We call this conviction.  At other times, he
teaches us what direction to take in life.  Yet, the
greatest thing that he teaches us is who Jesus is! (v 14).  
Any time we have a revelation of the character of Jesus,
it is a work of the great teacher, the Holy Spirit.  Jesus
becomes alive in us as we listen intently to the Holy
Spirit.  In fact, to practise the presence of Jesus, the
Holy Spirit will cause us to sense his presence with us.  
The apostle Paul said that Christians should not walk in
"darkened understanding" because they did not learn
Christ that way (Eph 4:17-20).  The Great Teacher
reveals the greatness of Jesus.  We are no longer
unsure about who Jesus is.  The Holy Spirit makes sure
of that.

As we enjoy the wonderful life that God has richly given
us, let's humbly learn what (and who) the Holy Spirit will
show us. He is the Great Teacher!
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