Focus on God

The Creator of all things is certainly able to do
miracles.  His strength and power is not limited by
anything.  His
love is greater than all things.  Absolutely
nothing is too difficult for Jesus Christ.  Nothing
intimidates him.

Countless testimonies can be given of what God has
done, but let's focus on the miracle worker himself:

A leper needed a miracle.  He was not only sick in his
body, he was dead spiritually.  The miracle he needed
was more than healing and he recognized that Jesus was
the one who could perform the miracle he needed.  He
said, "You can make me clean".  (Matthew 8:2)  What
a wonderful statement of faith.

Jesus, the miracle worker, touched the leper.  Oh, the
great love of God that would
touch!  Leprosy was no
match for the touch of God.  No problem is too great for
the touch of God.

The only challenge for Jesus was the statement of the
leper.  "Lord if you are willing, you can make me clean."
(Matthew 8:3)  The undeniable love of God was
challenged.  "Lord, I believe you can perform a miracle.
 I just don't know if you want to."

God, the miracle worker, is not only able, he wants to
perform a miracle in our lives.  The character of God
speaks for itself.  Is God willing to perform a miracle for
you or I? Yes, yes, and yes!  The only limitation on God
is our lack of faith in Him.  In fact, scripture tells us that
the only time that Jesus was stopped from bringing
change was when unbelief was in the hearts of the
people.  Referring to Nazareth, Matthew wrote "He
(Jesus) did not do many miracles there because of their
unbelief."  (Matthew 13:58)

Jesus Christ is a miracle worker and that will not
change, so we can go to him in faith and trust his heart.  
Some may say, "I haven't seen the miracle".  That only
reveals the fact that they are looking in the wrong
direction.  Remember, it is not the miracle but the one
who creates miracles that we wait on.  His wonderful
knowledge of our situation is enough for us to rest in his
sovereignty.  We can say, "Lord, I know you are
willing" and then, trust him implicitly.
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