Worship as a

So what inspires worship?  Is it a rhythm?  Is it good news?

The Psalmists would often gush with worship at the understanding
of God's faithfulness.  "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget
none of his benefits."  (Psalm 105:2).  Amen!  When we count our
blessings, we can't help but worship the God of Creation, but
what about when we are sick, or in debt, or battling through some
heavy problem?

Worship is more than just thanking God for good things.  It is
who God is.  God is not like us in many ways.  He had
no beginning and has no end.  He existed before anything else
was created.  Does your mind understand that?  The finite cannot
possibly grasp the infinite.  God is not a super-computer.  There
is no limit to his understanding.  His power is complete.  He is the
most beautiful being.  He is the most important being.  His glory
and majesty will cause all knees to bend in worship.

A young boy and a mature theologian were both traveling
together on a train one day.  The theologian said to the boy, "I
will give you an apple if you can tell me where God is".  Without
hesitation, the boy said to the gentleman, "Sir, I will give you a
bushel of apples if you can tell me where He is not".  Important
point!  If we take the time to realize that this great and wonderful
God is present and near to us at any given moment, we will never
be without a reason to whisper, sing, or shout out our worship of
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