Worship as a

One of the greatest photo albums is the one we call The Bible.  
God gives us many pictures of who he is in this book.  We will
look at just four:  The Door,
The Good Shepherd, The Bread of
Life, and The Vine.

It is my contention that any and all questions in life can be
answered when we understand who God is.  
Worship will happen
naturally and without coercion when we see who God is.  
Remember when John the Revelator saw Jesus Christ?  He fell
to the ground like a dead man. (Revelation 1:17)

The Door
Twice in John 10, Jesus calls himself the door.  A door is
significant because it is what blocks out unwanted predators.  In
fact, Jesus further says that he is the door "of the sheep".  He is
the protector.  I don't know about you,  but knowing that God the
Son is my
protector gives me peace and assurance.  The picture
of Jesus Christ as the door helps us to place trust in his ability
and heart.  Imagine, the God of Creation is the one who protects
us.  It's not created things that protect us.  God himself is the

The Good and the Great Shepherd
The picture found in Psalm 23 is a favorite of many and I believe
it is also one of God's favourite pictures.  What a glorious
thought to say with
David, "the Lord is my Shepherd".  Can you
picture the shepherd who not only cares for his sheep but also
lays his life down for his sheep?  He is the one who leaves 99 and
looks for that lost one.  Going astray?  Sinning?  Turning away?  
We may choose to take our eyes off Jesus Christ, but he pursues
us with
love that does not condemn, but restores.  The writer of
Hebrews goes further and calls him the "Great Shepherd" who
works in us "that which is pleasing in His sight". (Hebrews 13:21)

The Bread of Life
Jesus said, "I am the bread of life" (John 6:35,48) and he also
said that he is the "living bread" (John 6:51).  This picture is one
that shows us that he is the one who sustains our lives.  We don't
need to worry about anything, especially the things that sustain
life, because of who he is.  No matter what the situation, Jesus
Christ is what you and I need for life and more.  He satisfies us
so completely that we can forsake any anxiety (Matthew 6:25-33).

The Vine
One can only expect fruit from something that is
living.  All of
those who confess Jesus Christ as Lord will be connected to the
life-giver, the vine! (John 15:5).  The virtue of God is life and not
death.  He is the one who spoke life into existence.  He is the one
who freely gives life to those who are in relationship with him.  
See the life-giving God who is the vine and allow his life to be in
you as you remain in him.

To worship like never before, we do well to focus on the pictures
of who God is.  He is far more than what we know of him, but in
his awesome mercy and great heart, he has stooped to show us
himself in ways we understand.  These are but a few of many
more pictures in his photo album (

Each day, look at a picture of God and worship him in fresh new

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