Worship as a

Christians often say “Praise God” or “Praise the Lord” when
good things happen and so we should. It's not only a good habit
but it's also what a
lifestyle of worship will look like.  All
blessings of any kind come directly as a sign of God's
love and
care. Praising God will happen from a heart that is grateful.

Psalm 117, the shortest chapter in the Bible, is a universal call to
praise God for two important reasons. First, we praise God with
thanks because “God's loving kindness is great toward us”.
(Psalm 117:2)

God is not stingy with love. Romans 5:5 reminds us that God has
poured out his love upon humanity and each individual. Healing,
salvation, provision,
peace with God, and eternal life are just a
few of  the countless benefits that God has poured upon us.

The word used to describe God's loving kindness is “great”. In
the original language of Hebrew it has a very rich meaning.
God's loving kindness is "so powerful it prevails". Imagine!
God's love is stronger than disease, emotional pain of the heart,
and the sin-sick soul.

Matthew 8 gives us two encounters where Jesus healed the sick.
One person had a fever and the other had leprosy. Jesus could
have spoken and they would have been totally whole but he
touched them. The love of God is so much stronger than any
communicable disease. God's loving kindness is so powerful that
it is not intimidated by anything. So, ask him for anything!  
Absolutely nothing is greater than God and he pours out his love
for all.

Psalm 117 also tells us that we praise God because his truth is
everlasting. The truth of who God is remains constant.
Everything a person learns about God has been the same during
the times of Caesar and  Napoleon as it is today. The writer of
Hebrews reminds us that Jesus Christ is “the same yesterday,
today and forever”. (Hebrews 13:8)

God does not change to suit the political correctness of cultures.
He was, is and will always be good, loving, kind, all-powerful, all-
knowing, and ever-present. That is why we can trust him

Arguments against God based on a cruel and unjust world are
useless. A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some
idea of a straight line. God is the one who set the standard.  
When you or I don't understand something, we can securely trust
that God is dependable, because his “truth is everlasting”.

Jesus said, referring to himself; “I am the way, the truth and the
life; no one comes to the Father but through me”. (John 14:6) By
looking at who Jesus is, we see the truth of God. He loves and
does not condemn.

The anchor that we can use when waves of trouble come crashing
into our lives is the steady truth of
who God is. Paul and Silas
knew this and sang praises even after being beaten, locked in
stocks, and thrown into a Philippian prison. (Acts 16:25)

The entire world should praise God for who he is but we as
believers should be setting the example.  If not the
rocks will cry
out! Good, bad or whatever is happening in life, we can join the
Psalmist by daily and minute-by-minute praising this one who has
no equal.

God's loving kindness is great and his truth is everlasting. I
guess there is only one thing left to say. Praise God!

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