Worship as a

It's in the secret place of worship that a true picture of ones
life is seen. One of the main reasons for man's existence is to
fellowship and communion with God. (Luke 22:39-41)

In John 4:21-24, Jesus states that the Father seeks true
worshipers. He says nothing of the song we sing, but rather
the character of the one who approaches God.  Worshiping in
spirit means worshiping with every aspect of our being.
Worshiping in truth means worshiping with integrity.

Moses met with God away from others and was so impacted
that he had to have his face covered. Meeting with God
changed him. (Exodus 34:29). People will notice when you
have been with God.

A.W. Tozer once said, "It is my experience that the totality of
our Christian lives, our entire attitude as persons, must be
towards the worship of God! If you do not know the presence
of God in your
home , then God is not in the church you
attend".  That is pretty strong, but true. True worship in the
presence of others is a result of meeting God in the secret
places of our lives.

As well as the secret place of worship, there is the secret
place of sin. We cannot fool God, no matter how much success
we have fooling people. Singing songs of worship on Sunday
does not change what God knows about us.

Again, Tozer cries, "God is a being of supreme moral
excellence. Any proper relation to Him must be by confidence,
that is faith. Idolatry is the supreme sin and unbelief is the
child of idolatry". It is not in the public eye that we usually sin
because we know that an immediate response of shock would
come back to us. The problem is that if we harbor sin in our
lives, it is like choosing to keep an infection which will only
spread and have a fatal result.

At the 1993 annual meeting of The American Heart
Association, 300,000 doctors, nurses and researchers met in
Atlanta to discuss, among other things, the importance a low
fat diet plays in keeping our hearts healthy. Yet during meal
times, they consumed fat-filled fast food, such as bacon
cheeseburgers and fries, at about the same rate as people
from other conventions. When one cardiologist was asked
whether or not his partaking in high fat meals set a bad
example, he replied, "not me, because I took my name tag
off".* Do we choose to take our "name tags" off to indulge in

Does our secret sin show that we do not love, trust, and have
faith in God like we say we do in our songs? Do we
live what
we sing?

We often spend much time and effort for the things that are
seen and little attention on the unseen. The fact is that there
is much more that is not seen! Consider for a moment, the
icebergs that float in the Northern Atlantic ocean. 90% of the
ice berg is hidden beneath the water. We do well to address
the secret place of worship and the secret place of sin.              
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*The source of this story is unknown.
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