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King Solomon was a prolific songwriter.  He wrote 1005 songs.
(I Kings 4:32)  One of these songs in the Bible is so unique that it
is often overlooked.  It is the Song of Solomon.  It is a song
unlike any other!

At first reading, some might ask why it was ever included in the
Bible.  After all, it was never quoted in the New Testament and it
does not have any obvious devotional message, but there has
never been any doubt about its place in holy canon.

In its eight chapters, we read of a love story between a man and a
woman.  It can be seen as a manual for the marriage relationship.
 However, digging deeper, this song is an allegory of the
relationship between God and his Church.

Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, is often spoken of as the groom
and the Church, his bride (Matthew 25:1, Romans 7:4,
Revelation 21:9)  Do you see where we are going?  This song is a
serenade, an intimate love song, and that is what worship is all

Almighty God, who has no needs and is quite able to exist without
the pains that humanity can bring him, chooses to love.  His
for all does not just "put up with" you and me.  That's how he can
forgive with blinding speed and completeness.  We really need to
read this song to capture his indescribable love.  It's the kind of
love that values every part of you and me.

To make ourselves look good, we may try to hide our blemishes,
but God knows all about us and loves us with the kind of burning
fire Solomon expresses.  It's that kind of love that we can't hide
from, but instead draws us to worship.  Opening our mouths and
our hearts in worship of the Creator is only natural.  It happens
when someone is truly in a love relationship with the Lover of
their soul.

The exchange between the bride and groom is so graphic in this
book that the Jews forbade it to be read by anyone younger than
thirty.  Our worship can be that uninhibited!  The Bride of Christ
cannot help but speak out about the One who is so wonderful!  In
worship, we speak of his character and unequalled beauty.  We
speak of his love for all people and the future joy of being with
forever.  With gratitude, we worship.

"My feelings were aroused for him" were the words of the bride
(Song of Solomon 5:4) and that is what worship truly is.
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