Worship as a

Objects may appear distorted when the eye is not functioning
properly, even if nothing is wrong with the object being viewed.  
The physical eye sometimes needs help.  Look around and you
will notice many people using eyeglasses.  Some may be wearing
contact lenses, but either way, a large percentage of people are
receiving assistance to see correctly.

Satan distorted Adam and Eve's vision of God when he
introduced doubt.  "Did God really say?" (Gen. 3:1)  "You will
not die!  God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will
be opened." (Gen. 3:4,5)  Adam and Eve's eyes were opened, but
not to the truth of
who God is; rather to the reality of broken
relationship with God, as they chose to see God as someone to

We may also feel like we need to hide from God, but that would
make worship difficult.  Worship is done
face to face.  Whether
we are riding in a car, sitting at a lunch table, or standing in
church, we worship God for who he is.  He is worthy of any and all
the words of adoration that we can speak to him.

Bob Dylan wrote a song containing the following words:  "You
gotta serve somebody.  It may be the devil or it may be the
Lord."  This is equally true with worship.  Everyone worships
something or someone.

To live a lifestyle of worship,
scripture is a wonderful aid, as it
helps us have a clearer understanding of God.  A properly
focused view of God is vital.  After all, worship is about him.  
Who can compare and who (or what) else is worthy of worship!  
God goes beyond our mind's comprehension.  We have nothing to
compare him with, so we must look to scripture to assist us.  The
Bible is like our spiritual eyeglasses as God reveals himself to us.

Misconceptions of who God is results in distorted worship.  Is it
fearful worship?  Is it worship that feels forced or is it worship
based on the greatness of God?  It is possible to lose focus on the
true God.  This then distorts our motivation in worship.  There is
only one cure.  My prescription?  A fresh perspective on the
character and attributes of God.

When reading the Bible, let me encourage you to look for God.  
He will not be hidden, but will surprisingly be in every book and
on every page that you read.

Here's an idea!  Daily, let's find a description of who God is in
scripture and then worship him in response.  A
lifestyle of
worship will blossom beautifully as we exchange misconceptions
about God and see Him more clearly.
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