Worship as a

Our lives are connected to a group of individuals that we
call "the family". Some are nurturing and affirming. Some
are abusive and unfeeling. The family unit is intended to
be a place of safety and assurance in God's plan.
Unfortunately, many times God's design is not seen in
families. Presenting worship to our families is a part of our
calling as believers.

We react differently to tests and challenges because we
live a life of worship. One thing our family should observe
in us, is that we will honor God with our whole being. We
will be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger!
(James 1:19) We will be people of optimism because we
know our God. (Ephesians 3:15,16)

Paul taught that worshiping God is natural to our lives.
The people we live with are those who most likely know us
better than anyone else. Do they know us as worshipers
of a living God? Our lives worship God in a most complete
way when we are his agents of grace in our homes.

It is said that
Martin Luther was once wrapped up in a
season of discouragement and depression.  His wife,
Catherine, decided to confront him on his attitude.  She
carefully dressed in her black mourning outfit and
approached her husband weeping and carrying on.  Martin
was stunned and asked what was wrong.  Her answer
conveyed the idea that God must be dead by the way her
husband was acting.  He got the point and repented.

As great a Christian as Martin Luther was, even he forgot
to be a worshiper through his attitude, words, and
demeanor when life was difficult.  It took his family to
show him the error of his ways.  

Presenting worship in song on Sunday morning is a great
thing but it is even greater to worship him in our homes. It
is God who is worthy of worship there as well, not just in
our private devotions or in the comfort of the church
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