Worship as a

The Bible is an excellent source for our personal worship.  
The stories and teachings can be a great springboard to lift
our words of praise and adoration to God.  For example, after
reading the account of creation, we can take a moment and
say something like, "God, you are incredible!  You have
created all of nature.  You are so powerful, so creative, and so
wise!"  Guess what?  You would have worshiped the Lord.  
What a simple way to integrate your Bible study and your
personal expressions of worship.  The possibilities are endless.

Here is another idea.  The following scriptures are what we
call "Vertical Worship Scriptures".  These phrases from the
pages of the Bible are thoughts directed to God Himself about
Himself.  You can meditate on each of them during your
personal times of prayer. Journal thoughts and memories that
come to your mind as you read them.  Speak them as words of
worship to God.  Or memorize them, bringing them to your
mind for worshipful moments from time to time.

We hope these ideas take you into a more fulfilling life of
worship to God

Nehemiah 9:5b                                   Nehemiah 9:6
2 Samuel 7:22                                    1 Chronicles 29:11
1 Chronicles 29:12                             Psalm 8:9
Psalm 10:17,18                                   Psalm 13:5
Psalm 18:1                                         Psalm 36:5
Psalm 57:10                                       Psalm 59:9,10
Psalm 59:16                                       Psalm 59:17
Psalm 62: 11,12                                  Psalm 65:5
Psalm 65:6                                         Psalm 71:19
Psalm 73:23b-24                                 Psalm 74:12
Psalm 84:3b                                       Psalm 89:8
Psalm 108:5                                       Psalm 145:13
Psalm 145:16                                     Isaiah 25:1
Isaiah 25:4                                         Jeremiah 10:6
Jeremiah 10:7                                    Jeremiah 16:19a
Jeremiah 32:17                                  Jeremiah 32:18b-19
Revelation 4:11                                  Revelation 15:3-4
Revelation 16:7              
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