Worship as a

Each of us have been given a name at birth.  As we grow, many of
us are also given knick-names that describe us in some way.  
God also has many names.  These name describe him in
wonderful ways.  They help us to learn more about who he is.

One of the most amazing names that God gave himself is "I
Am".  At first glance, this seems like a strange name, but let's
look at who this person is that calls himself, "I Am".

In Exodus 3, we read of Moses who encounters God.  Moses
asked God his name, which is amazing in itself.  God is Creator
and is far above a personal name, and yet he has one.  He told
Moses that he is "I Am".

Many have denied the existence of God, not only with words, but
by ignoring the Creator.  It is one thing to say God does not exist
but it is a fearfully terrible thing to ignore God by living apart
from him.  God is personal and, because of who he is, he seeks
personal relationship with each and every human being.  No one
can say, "if God does exist, he has no room or time for me".  
Nothing could be further from the truth.

God says that his name is "I Am".  He is personal.  He is a
friend. He is wonderfully able to be close to all who desire him.  
We see in this name how very powerful God is.  His ability to be
so personal is unique to God.  In his name is the summation of all
that he is.  His omniscience, his omnipotence, and his
omnipresence is understood when he tells us his name.

Jesus left no doubts when he answered the Jews with the
statement, "truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I
am". (John 8:58)  He was declaring that he, God the Son, who
has never had a beginning or an end, was a real person who could
be known.  The Jews knew what he was saying and wanted to kill

Imagine:  God came to bring life to sin-sick humanity and yet was
being attacked for saying his name, "I Am".  Sadly, many will do
the same today by ignoring God Almighty, who is personal and
present.  It is also possible for religious people to ignore the "I
Am".  Dead religion is something that can happen to anyone if
God is not recognized for who he is.

The worship of God will focus on him because he is. Just his
existence makes him glorious beyond our comprehension.  
Whether in a
meeting with others or during our personal journey,
God should be the focus.  He has told us that he would be in the
midst of those who gather in his name (Matthew 18:20)  Also,
Jesus said, "I am with you always, even to the end of the age"
(Matthew 28:20)

Singing nice songs that do not focus on the greatness of God is
not ideally
worship.  Worship songs are a wonderful expression of
joy as we celebrate the God who is.  By the way, his name is,
"I Am".
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