Worship as a

A few years ago, I was complaining to God that I was moving into
the middle-age years.  I truly didn't feel my age.  It was hard for
me to see myself in that time of life.  I was having a pity party,
but God spoke.  He spoke deeply and definitely to my heart.  His
message to me was that, when I was saved, chronology lost all
meaning for me.

Without getting into a deep theological study, God was showing
me a  simple truth found in John 3:16.  "..whosoever believes in
Him shall not perish but have eternal life".  When someone
accepts the free gift of salvation, they are promised eternal life.  
In other words, I may be in my 40's in terms of the government's
records but, in actual fact, I began to live eternally when I was
saved, so there is no "middle age" for me.  What is the middle of

Since all believers are eternally "ageless", worship takes on a
greater significance in the life of the church.  Grandpa, Grandma,
Mom and Dad, the youth, and the children all worship as one.  I
guess what I am saying is that worship is not for one age only or
tied to a chronological time in a person's life.

The reason for this truth is that God does not change.  He is the
same yesterday, today, and forever.  He remains the creator,
all-powerful, all-knowing, the sovereign God.  He is worthy of
worship by all peoples. In fact, someday, all will worship him
when they see the greatness of
who he is. (Philippians 2:9-11)

Commercialism may divide people into the likes and dislikes of
music, but the worship of God unites.  No matter what song is
sung, all of us worship God for who he is.  The point is that
worship is about God.  It is not about a hymn or contemporary
song.  It is about the Person who transcends all of that.

Let me encourage us all to look beyond the choice of songs or
how they are played or what
instruments are being used and
worship God for who he is.  These "things" are insignificant
compared to the awesomeness of God.  We are wise to see him
and not be distracted by the genre of music.

When my grandfather was living on this globe, I had the joy - the
incredible joy - of standing beside him and worshiping God with
him.  It didn't matter what style of music.  We loved and adored
God together.  It is about God and not our likes or dislikes.  
Worship happens through all ages when we focus on the
incomparable one:  Almighty God!                                          
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