Worship as a

We fool ourselves if we think that singing songs of
worship makes us worshipers. In fact, if we go deeper,
motivating people to join in song, is only touching the
surface. Motivating each other to live
the life of worship
will cause the expression of singing and other expressions
to take place.

Singing is only one way of showing worship. Dancing,
clapping, waving, speaking, and praying are just a few
alternate ways of expressing worship.  If a believer lives
the life of worship, expressing it in the
congregation will
naturally result. Since worship is a
lifestyle, there is no
limit to how we can show worship to God. A few additional
ways that can be investigated are writing poems, stories,
and songs; drawing, painting, and sculpting.

The focus of worship is not on the "how" but on the
"who"! It's not surprising that division takes place when
the focus is placed on the "how". Elmer Towns coined the
phrase "worship wars" in his book, "Putting an End to
Worship Wars" as a response to the pervasive division
that has taken place in the church over the last few
decades. We will not discuss his writings but will only
consider the topic. It is clear that the "how to do worship"
has caused disunity and narcissistic tendencies.

One could argue that there is no such thing as "worship
wars". If ever there were two words that do not go
together, they are "worship" and "wars". Worshipers do
not concern themselves with fleshly things. They are
people who
focus their eyes on God and love him with
their whole hearts. The result is that there is a great
desire for unity and love.

We cannot escape the fact that God has called us to join
together in worshiping in song. According to Colossians 3:
16, there is a
horizontal dimension to worship. We are
instructed to sing to each other. These are songs of
testimony, encouragement, and declaration. The focus
remains on God while "speaking" to each other. When
singing these songs, we ought to physically look at each
other and have contact with each other.  A lifestyle of
worship encourages others that God is in control and he
will do what he has promised.

Preparation for the assembling of believers will follow our
personal worship of God.  There will be an excitement in
our thoughts because these times are a taste of what it
will be like around the throne. Hand in hand with all the
redeemed we will celebrate like no celebration that has
ever taken place.

Services that we attend are the "rehearsals" for that
great day! Get ready! Get your house in order. Getting
adequate sleep, the night before, inviting others to come
and anticipating meeting God in the assembly of the
saints are just a few ways we can prepare.

There are some church fellowships that have chosen to
fragment themselves according to the "how”. Some have
fragmented into four different meetings! Heaven will not
fragment us into groups who worship in traditional,
classical, contemporary, and post-modern expressions.
The redeemed of the Lord will worship with one voice.
The scene that John saw which is recorded in Revelation
15 is not division but unity.
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