Worship As a

Martin Luther is reported to have said, "God gave us five
senses with which to worship Him and that it would be sheer
ingratitude for us to use less." God did not have to give us
the ability to taste, if food was only to sustain life. He
desires for us to experience his wonderful creative genius.
"God richly supplies us with all things to enjoy" (I Timothy
6:17).  A God who is so bent on showing us his
love through
varied ways is to be worshiped in more than just songs. It
would be foolish to believe that the song is the only way that
we could worship.

*We worship God with our eyes by submitting them to his
Lordship and resisting viewing things that are sinful.
*We worship God with our taste by submitting to his
Lordship and resisting being a glutton.
*We worship God with our ears when we submit to his
Lordship and resisting listening to gossip.
*We worship God with our speech by submitting to his
Lordship and resisting speaking deception and falsehoods.
*We worship God with our bodies by submitting to his
Lordship and resisting using our bodies to sin.

Songs that have been written in worship to God are in a very
small minority. In fact, these songs would be sadly almost
non-existent compared to the smallest minority of songs
written by mankind. With this in mind, we are compelled to
give honor to the one living God by singing and writing songs
that declare who he is. This world does not know him. It is up
to us to cry aloud his glory in song. The song is a tool that we
must make good use of.

To sing of our intents and desires should not be to the
exclusion of magnifying God. To maintain the power of a
song, we must use it correctly. Take a look at the lyrics of
the songs that are sung in church. Do they truly make God
"large" in the
congregation or do they wander around many
topics without speaking about the great God we serve?

Songs of worship are most powerful when they describe
God's character, position, and attributes. Our lives are
changed when we finally understand who God is and
embrace him. How can the song be powerful if it does not
celebrate the Holy, Creator God?

We may not always be singing when we worship but when we
sing we should always be worshiping, even when the song
does not speak directly to the Lord. Our tongues and lips are
to be his instruments of mercy. We may be singing to one
another through
songs of encouragement, but we are still
worshiping the one who created us by the service that we
render to others. It has more to do with the position of our
hearts (I Corinthians 14:26).  In this, God is honored and
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