Worship as a

The world that we live in is not friendly to a lifestyle of
worship. It challenges us to fear, to doubt God's word, to
take into our hands all that concerns us. Even while we
attempt to worship the Lord, we are challenged by the
world's ways. Fear, intimidation, and doubting God are
the Enemy's tools and we are constantly tempted  to use
them. Focusing on God's person, rather than the world's
perspective, is paramount to worshipers. Harold Best, the
dean of music at Wheaton College, explained it well when
he said, "the message is unequivocal; whatever we do as
Christians we do as worshipers". There is a clear line
between the world’s ways and that of "
a living sacrifice".

The children of Israel were mandated with the task to
evangelize the world but they fell into foreign worship.
Idolatry was their demise. When they began to worship
anything other than God, they lost their influence to reach
the nations of the world. We must learn this lesson and
guard our hearts from idolatry.

Since the entire world's population worships something,
the lives that we live as "living sacrifices" create a
dividing line. The world's ways are selfish and ultimately
destructive. The worship of God places the attention on
him. In our songs, as well as in our lives, we do well to
focus on Almighty God.  Narcissistic and humanistic
attitudes are not surprising in the world but have no place
in Christian worship. It is especially true that the "me"
mentality has no place in the gathering of God's
worshipers. God is the one who changes lives.  God is the
one who enables us to live for him.  All the human
determination in the world has no power to do either.

The worship of God is an element in his plan that differs
from the witness of God's people, in that it is birthed in
the heart of God. Worship is directed to God, yes, but it
also puts us in touch with the purposes of his heart.  This
will change us, creating that line of distinction between
how we live and how those without him live. He reaches
out to us and all those around us with
loving hands, calling
us to enter into deep relationship with him. We may not
fully understand what that means, but a worshiping heart
will express a
gratitude for God's offer of relationship
that can powerfully impact those in the world
around us.                        
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